Cultural appropriation hullabaloo with Lionel Shriver

Article here:

Lionel Shriver’s Address on Cultural Appropriation Roils a Writers Festival

I do think that the appropriation police are often operating out of a fascist mentality. But I also think that Lionel Shriver, from this description, is being an arrogant, cruel white person. The reason people are reactionary is because they have been hurt. So be gentle and empathetic and don’t wear a fucking sombrero–asshole. And ask yourself, what is your creative freedom in the service of? If it’s in the service of truth–the kind that sets us free–do what you have to do. If it’s in the service of fortifying your own ego, you’re just causing yourself and everyone else more suffering, so why bother? More compassion, less intellectual stridency from all sides would go a long way toward empowerment. The real kind that benefits everyone.

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